Strengthening Samaaj aligns Sarkaar and Bazaar to our collective purpose of a good society.

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Wealth comes with great responsibility and is best deployed for the greater good. We believe in healthy, vibrant, active communities and networks. In the continuum of samaaj (society), bazaar (market) and sarkaar (government), only a strong society can keep markets and the state accountable to the public good. The philanthropy looks to support ideas, individuals and institutions doing ground-breaking work that enables a strong samaaj with ethical leadership, a sense of urgency and the courage to learn. This, we believe, will lead to revival of communities and help build their capacity to fulfil their functions and duties for their own betterment. We cannot be mere consumers of good governance; we have to co-create it. Through our work, we hope to enable more creative collaboration across divides and silos.
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“A strong samaaj forms the foundation that restores balance in the system."

Public goods for public good

The idea of “openness” offers an opportunity to creatively harness energy and interest across ecosystems to create public value by addressing societal challenges innovatively. It is an emerging form of collaboration that can multiply our efforts as philanthropies, civil society organizations and change makers. The utility of open public resources and digital public goods makes for a thriving ecosystem that exists well beyond any individual organisation or mission alone. This enables changemakers to reuse, build on and repurpose resources for their own missions. Open public resources and digital public can be localised, translated and adapted, far beyond their intended reach and use.

In many ways, the Bazaar has led in its contributions to the digital commons, for instance, Microsoft may be the largest contributor of code to open source projects. Sarkaar too has started doing its part with its Open Data Portal and Open Source Code Repository.

It is about time the Samaaj, did the same.

"Each of us have the power to create open public resources and digital public goods. We must embrace “open”ness of four kinds."


To see resources as open public resources and digital public goods and be aligned on the necessity of such openness.


To make them available online in an easy, timely, user-friendly manner while adhering to applicable open standards.


To have them legally licensed for all manners of use and adaptation, whether commercial or not, subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute or share alike.


To ensure that access comes at a price that is no more than a reasonable reproduction cost, if at all that.